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DN630 Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine welding machine

Short Description:

Place of Origin:Tianjin, Deyang,China

Brand Name: SENPU

Voltage:3-Phase 220V/380V


Application:butt fusion

Heat Power:6.6KW

Connection:Electrofusion/Butt fusion

Application:Water,Gas,Gold Mining

Certificate: CE/ISO9001/WRAS/IAPMO R&T/SGS

Product Detail

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About welding machine

Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co.,Ltd. was starts fusion machine and PE fittings production since 1992. 
Products are widely distributed all over the world. 
Our major products includes: 
1: A complete range of EF fittings(Advantaged products: EF coupler up to 1000mm, EF saddle up to 2500*1000mm, Small Tapping Tee) 
2: A complete range of BF fittings( Advantaged products: Flange Stub up to 1600mm in different standard, tee/elbow up to 630mm, reducer/cap up to 1000mm) 
3: A complete range of drainge fittings for toliet and kitchen 
4: A complete range of butt fusion machine up to 2000mm( Specially developped for Australian and South Africa market FM225 and FM355, Advantaged products: Automatic Fusion Machine for gas industry) 
5: A complete range of electrousion machine up to 1000mm( English, Russian, Spanish Operation) 

Product Profile

Hot melt butt welding machine(Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine) is a special welding equipment for welding thermoplastic pipe fittings by using hot melt butt technology. The welding frame of the hot melt butt welder is separate from the operating system. The whole machine (automatic type, hydraulic semi-automatic type) is composed of hydraulic operation console, welding frame and fixture, electric heating plate, electric milling cutter and other parts. The manual model has no hydraulic system. The welding frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy material, with firm structure, light weight and durable. The welding frame adopts the clamping structure of card mica sheet, which can locate the pipe accurately and adjust the wrong edge easily.

Company Profile

Sichuan Senpu pipe co., LTD.  main products are:  PE pipes for gas, PE pipe fittings (DN16 – DN630), PE pipes for water supply, pipe fittings (DN 16- DN 48), PP-R pipes for hot and cold water use ,pipe fittings (DN16 – DN200), PE double-wall corrugated pipe (ID200 – ID500), underground drainage with steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe (ID300 – ID1800), SRTP pipe , stainless steel pipe,  Heat resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) pipes for hot and cold water, pipe fittings (DN 12 – DN 160), Hot melt butt welding machine(Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine) etc.,.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email: info@senpu.com or Connect sales manager Helen shen : 0086 18990238062 (whatsapp&Phone) or you can  visit our website:www.asiasenpu.com

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