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4 Connection Methods for PE Pipes

 4 Connection Methods for PE Pipes

1. Hot melt connection

Hot melt connection is a special heating tool to heat the polyethylene pipe or pipe fitting to be connected under pressure. After melting, the heating tool is removed and the two melting surfaces are connected by pressure. It is kept under stable pressure for a period of time until the joint is cooled. The hot melt connection includes hot melt butt connection, hot melt socket connection and hot melt saddle type connection.

2. Electric fusion connection

The fused connection is a special fused pipe with embedded resistance wire and pipe or pipe fitting connection part close contact with electricity, through the embedded resistance wire heating connection part, so that it is fused and connected as a whole, until the joint cooling. Fusion connections can be used to connect with different types of polyethylene tubing or socket fittings with different melt flow rates. Electric fusion connection is divided into electric fusion socket connection and electric fusion saddle type connection.

3. Socket type flexible connection

Polyethylene pipe socket type flexible connection is a new type of connection developed according to the principle of socket type flexible connection of cast iron pipe and polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVCU). It is a reinforced polyethylene socket welded at one end of polyethylene pipe. Socket type flexible connection is to insert one end of polyethylene pipe directly into the special socket of pipe or pipe fitting, through the locking ring in the socket to press the pull-out resistance, rubber sealing ring to seal tightly, to achieve the purpose of connecting pipe and pipe fitting.

4. Flange connection

Flange connection is mainly used for the connection of polyethylene pipe and metal pipe or valve, flow meter, pressure gauge and other auxiliary equipment. Flange connection is mainly composed of polyethylene flange connector, steel or aluminum back pressure looper flange, steel or aluminum flange piece, gasket or seal ring, bolt, nut, etc. Flange connection is through fastening bolts and nuts, so that the flange connector and flange piece close contact, to achieve the purpose of connection.

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