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Chairman Of China Plastic Association, Visited The Company To Inspect And Guide The Work

On December 13 morning, China plastics processing industry association director Zhanjie Wang vice director of tin, secretary long red such as a line of three people made a special trip to come to company to inspect the instruction work, company director Zepei Jiang, measure chart army deputy general manager, chief engineer Weihua Yin, dong, Korea, the Philippines, director of the company director of the office of Tianbao Zhao accompanied by warm reception and visit, communication, etc.

Zepei Jiang,, chairman of the board of Directors, warmly welcomed Wang and his delegation to the company to guide the work, and introduced the company’s “integrity and responsibility”, the core concept of SENPU culture, to the leaders of China Plastic Association in the forum. It mainly reported the implementation of the “SENPU Company Development Program (2021-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as “The Program”) adopted by the board of Directors last year in the first year of this year. In particular, the strategy realization methods, steps and measures of team building, technological innovation, brand building, product export base construction, enterprise relocation and new construction, and push the company into the market are involved in the “Outline”. Suggestions are put forward to further standardize the industry competition, build a fair and orderly market environment and issue industry guidance prices.

As the well-known enterprises of pipe industry in China. The company pays a great attention on technical innovation and the effective combination of product research and development, and has gathered a large number of technical professionals, spend a lot of funds for scientific research each year and has established long-term strategic cooperation relationship between colleges with Sichuan university, Meanwhile, our group company have set up a long-term cooperation relationship with SICHUAN university postdoctoral workstation to provide technical support for the enterprise. As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has owned a strong provincial research and development center and national accreditation committee recognized by the test center (CNAS), and actively participated in a series of international technical exchanges and cooperation.


Post time: Jun-01-2022