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HDPE Flange Advantages and Connection Methods

HDPE Flange Advantages and Connection Methods

The HDPE flange is a disc-shaped part, which is the most common in pipeline engineering, and the flanges are used in pairs. In pipeline engineering, flanges are mainly used for the connection of pipelines. In the pipelines that need to be connected, various flanges are installed. HDPE flanges can be used for low-pressure pipelines, and welded flanges can be used for pressures above 4 kg. Add a gasket between the two flanges and fasten them with bolts. Different pressure flanges have different thicknesses and use different bolts. When pumps and valves are connected to pipelines, parts of these equipment are also made into corresponding flange shapes, also known as flange connections. 

HDPE Plastic Pipe Fitting, Butt Fusion Pipe Fitting Flange Adaptor Stud End (4)

Any connection parts that are bolted at the periphery of two planes and closed at the same time are generally called “flanges”, such as the connection of ventilation ducts, such parts can be called “flange parts”. There are holes on the flange, and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The flanges are sealed with gaskets. Flanges are divided into threaded connection (thread connection) flanges, welding flanges and clip flanges. The flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure.

In industrial pipelines, flange connections are widely used. For example, in indoor fire hydrant water supply systems, butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves and other valves are connected to pipelines.

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