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HDPE Gas Pipe Introduction

HDPE Gas Pipe Introduction


Polyethylene pipe material is divided into PE80, PE100 two grades. PE gas pipe implementation standard :GB 15558.1,PE pipe for gas is the replacement of traditional steel pipe and PVC gas,PE gas pipe must bear a certain pressure, usually choose high molecular weight, good mechanical properties of PE resin, such as HDPE resin. LDPE resin has low tensile strength, low pressure resistance, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability when forming, and difficult connection, not suitable for water supply pressure pipe material. However, LDPE, especially LLDPE resin, has become a common material for gas pipes because of its high health index. LDPE, LLDPE resin melting viscosity is small, good fluidity, easy to process, so the choice of its melt index range is also wide, usually MI between 0.3-3g/10min.

1, corrosion resistance. Polyethylene is an inert material, in addition to a few strong oxidants, can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion, does not need anticorrosive layer.

2. No leaks. PE gas pipeline mainly adopts fusion connection (hot fusion connection or electric fusion connection), compared with rubber ring joints or other mechanical joints, there is no risk of leakage caused by joint distortion.

3, Good scratch resistance. It can effectively resist the stress concentration caused by scratches and greatly reduce the possibility of pipe damage.

4, High toughness. PE gas pipe is a kind of pipe with high toughness, its elongation at break is generally more than 500%, and its adaptability to the uneven settlement of pipe foundation is very strong. It is also a good seismic performance of the pipeline.

5, Excellent flexibility. The flexibility of polyethylene enables the PE gas pipe to be coiled. For non-slotted construction, PE gas pipeline direction is easy to change according to the requirements of the construction method.

6, advanced electric fusion pipe fitting structure. The non-bare spiral electric heating wire ensures the uniform heat transfer in the welding area, effectively eliminates the phenomenon of short circuit when the pipe is inserted, and avoids the defects of aging and corrosion of the bare electric heating wire, and the inner wall of the pipe is smooth and smooth, which is easy to install.

7, Good resistance to fast crack transmission. The rapid cracking of the pipeline refers to the accident that the crack grows at the speed of hundreds of meters/second when the pipeline is accidentally cracked, resulting in the rupture of tens of meters or even thousands of meters. The rapid cracking of polyethylene gas pipe has not been found in practice.

8, Long service life, up to more than 50 years.


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