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Operation Flow of Electro Fusion Pipe Fittings Connection

Electric fuse pipe fittings refer to a plastic (polyethylene) pipe fittings that can be melted through the temperature generated by the current to reach the connection.

  • Welding range: PE80/PE100 pipe fittings/pipes
  • Welding temperature environment: -5℃~40℃

Step 1: Measure and mark on the pipe with a marker the depth of the pipe fitting or the welding area (for example, a saddle pipe fitting). Note That the end face of the pipe is cut off perpendicular to the axis.

Step 2: The oxide layer in the welding zone must be completely removed before welding.

Step 3: The welding surface of pipes and fittings must be absolutely clean and dry without oil pollution.

Step 4: Insert the welded end of the pipe into the joint to the limit shoulder of the pipe fitting or to the depth marked on the main metal. The pipe fitting must be installed with the pipe under stress-free conditions.