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PE Pipe Saddle Bypass Connection Method Manual

PE Pipe Saddle Bypass Connection Method Manual

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As part of our commitment to continuous innovation and product improvement, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new line of Universal Saddle Shape bypasses that provide customers with a single solution for all gas and water connection services.

Our new single-design saddle bypass has been approved for gas and water applications and uses a high-performance black PE100 material combined with a single-knife design and a nitrile butadiene rubber O-ring seal. To match this new design and meet the changing requirements of the industry, all of our bypasses will be fitted with 4.0mm terminal pins.

Through the most stringent GIS PL2:4, BS EN 1555-3, BS EN12201-3 gas and water supply industry specifications, WRAS approved PE100 and NBR materials, to ensure the safety and reliability of products used in gas total.

1. Select the wiring point, clean the surface of PE pipe line, and scrape off the oxidation layer on the dissolved surface.

2. Check whether the appearance of the saddle bypass is qualified, place the qualified saddle bypass firmly in the welding part, and ensure that it is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.

3. Weld after adjusting the position, and then connect with the new pipeline after cooling.

4. After the pipeline is connected, the strength test should be carried out on the new pipeline and saddle bypass, and the welding brush leakage.

5. After passing the brush, rotate the spiral blade upward, make a hole for the pressure tube, and exit the blade upward. Screw the top cover when parallel to the upper end, and replace the new tube at the same time.

6. Tighten the top cover after the replacement of the new tube is qualified, and brush the leakage.

The above is the saddle-shaped bypass pressure increase method of PE pipe. In strict accordance with the above connection method, the connection point of PE pipe should be handled well. Meanwhile, it should be maintained and maintained in daily life, so as to extend the service life of PE pipe.


Post time: Nov-15-2022