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Plastic Tubing is Better than Steel Pipe?

Plastic Tubing is Better than Steel Pipe?


Plastic buried pipe has been widely used in foreign countries, the reason lies in the plastic buried pipe than cast iron pipe, steel pipe, cement pipe and other traditional buried pipe has many advantages:

1.Excellent Strength and rigidity

Look from the exterior, the plastic strength and rigidity of the buried pipe as cement pipe, especially reinforced concrete pipe, plastic buried pipe is actually “flexible pipe”, the correct design and laying construction cases, plastic load on the buried tube together with the surrounding soil, therefore, plastic buried pipe does not need to achieve and concrete “rigid pipe”, such as the strength and rigidity, It can meet the requirements of mechanical properties in buried use.

The inner wall of plastic pipe is smooth, the resistance is small, and the water flux is large. The water flow of plastic pipe is larger than that of concrete pipe in the same caliber. When the terrain is sloping, the pipe diameter of plastic pipe can be reduced and the construction quantity is small.


2. Great Performance for Sealing

The cement pipe is badly sealed. The life of cement pipe is only 15 years, the life of plastic pipe is as long as 50-100 years. Domestic sewage, rainwater and other usually corrosive, industrial sewage is more corrosive, the use of metal, cement buried drainage pipe transport, corrosion resistance is worse than plastic pipe. In some areas, the outdoor natural environment is very corrosive. For example, in Tianjin Tanggu New Area, the cement sewage pipes laid for reclamation could not be found after 3 years. They were all corroded by salt in the sea, and plastic pipes had to be laid again.

Post time: Aug-05-2022