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Product performance of double wall corrugated pipe

Double-wall corrugated pipes can be widely used in municipal drainage systems, ventilation systems, and can also be used in agricultural irrigation. This type of pipe is made of HDPE and has two-layer corrugated structure, which makes the pipe have greater pressure bearing capacity and impact resistance compared with other products of the same type. Meanwhile, it will not break and collapse when buried in the ground.Also, this type of product can prevent termites and caries animals. It has a long service life, usually 50 years without quality problems, and its resistance to pressure reaches SN2-SN16.

The high-density polyethylene double-wall corrugated pipes produced by Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd. are produced with 100% new materials. The raw materials are all from well-known domestic petrochemical plants (PetroChina, Sinopec, Borouge Chemical, Saudi Arabia, etc.), excellent raw material channels are guaranteed In order to ensure the excellent and reliable performance of the products, the company has a nationally recognized CNAS laboratory, which ensures that the raw materials and finished products can only leave the factory and put them into the market after passing various performance tests.

Double wall corrugated pipe has the following excellent properties
1. Long service life: the normal service life can reach more than 50 years.
2. Good low temperature resistance and impact resistance: good toughness, high impact strength, low brittleness temperature, use – 60 ~ 40 degrees.
3. Excellent corrosion resistance: it can resist the erosion of various chemical media and has good permeability resistance.
4. Good construction performance: the pipeline is light, the construction is convenient and fast, the connection is reliable, and the comprehensive project cost is low.
5. Excellent wear resistance: compared with steel pipe, the wear resistance is more than 4 times of steel pipe.
6. Good flexibility: the pipeline has good flexibility, can be moderately bent, and has good anti uneven settlement effect.
7. Low flow resistance: the inner surface of the pipeline is smooth and the fluid resistance is small, which can reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and the energy consumption of water conveyance.


Post time: Jun-01-2022