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Requirements for Construction &Installation of Urban Heating Pipelines

Requirements for Construction &Installation of Urban Heating Pipelines

First, Engineering survey

The construction unit shall determine the position and elevation of the pipe network construction line according to the position, number, accuracy grade and coordinate and elevation data of the urban plane control network and urban level network provided by the construction unit or design unit.

The measurement should be carried out in the order of main line and branch line.

Second,Civil engineering and underground crossing engineering

Prior to construction, SENPU Pipe construction team will conduct on-site inspection of above and below ground obstacles within the slotted area. Protection measures should be taken for the existing facilities within the sound range: when excavating the foundation pit (trough) and pipe trench below the groundwater level, measures should be taken for precipitation tracing or groundwater control; when crossing the existing facilities or construction (structures), the construction scheme should obtain the consent of the relevant property rights or management units.

Third, Pipeline installation and welding

(a) pipeline installation and welding

(1) Installation sequence: first dry pipe, then check room, and finally branch line

(2) The slope direction and slope of pipeline installation should meet the design requirements

(3) When the steel pipe is opposite, the longitudinal welds should be staggered between each other for more than 100 arc length, and there should be no cross-shaped welds in any position of the pipeline: the welds should not be placed in the walls of buildings and structures, and the distance from the walls should meet the needs of construction.

(4) The distance between two adjacent annular weld centers of the pipeline shall be greater than the outer diameter of the steel pipe, and shall not be less than 150m

(5) Requirements for casing installation: the length of casing passing through the structure should be greater than 20mm wall thickness on each side; the length of casing passing through the floor should be 50m higher than the plate surface. The voids should be filled with flexible materials, allowing a deviation of 0-10mm

(6) Check the flatness of the pipeline at 200m away from both ends of the interface, and the allowable deviation is 0-1m. Within the full length range, the maximum deviation should not exceed 10mm

(7) It is not allowed to use heating on both sides of the weld to extend the length of the pipeline, strong tightening of bolts, clamping welding of metal filler and deformation of the compensator to force welding.

(8) There shall be no annular weld at the pipe support.

(9) For pipe mouth docking with different wall thickness, the thick part should be thinned.

(10) The positioning weld shall be welded with the same welding material and technology as the root weld pass, and shall be welded by qualified welders. In spiral pipe, straight seam pipe. No spot welding shall be carried out at the welded longitudinal weld. The positioning welding shall be evenly distributed, and the length and number of spot welding shall meet the specification requirements.

(11) When welding in the environment below 0℃, there should be windproof and snowproof measures on site. Remove ice, frost and snow from pipes before welding.

(12) The number of rerepairs of unqualified welds shall not exceed two times.

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