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Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd. held a celebration “July 1″ commendation conference

pipeline manufacturing factory celebrate the 101th anniversary of the founding of the CPC 2

 Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., Ltd. held a celebration “July 1″ commendation conference

on July 1, 2022, the Committee of Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co., LTD held the meeting of “July 1″ to celebrate the 101th anniversary of the founding of the CPC ,  All middle-level cadres, administrative personnel and team leaders attend the meeting. In-service party members, probationary party members and active party members of Tianjin Senpu Pipe Co.,Ltd. Staff also attended the meeting via video online.

The conference commended one advanced primary-level Party organization, one outstanding Party affairs worker and eight outstanding Communist Party members in 2021, as well as seven advanced collectives, four advanced primary-level units, three outstanding management cadres and 34 advanced individuals in 2021.

After 20 years of development, Sichuan Senpu Pipe Co.,Ltd as a nationally renowned PE/PPR pipe fittings manufacturer, we have provided safe and reliable pipeline connection solutions for the world which is inseparable from the active role of party members of the company.At the meeting, The secretary of the Party Committee of the company, General Manager Chen Anhong made a speech, he put forward the following four points on the current work: first, to grasp the current situation and tasks, firm confidence in development, to grab orders, unswervingly promote the company’s five-year “development program” target unwavering. Second, we should grasp the key points of marketing and establish the concept that marketing is the main task of production and management. Third, we need to strengthen internal management and tap the potential of cost reduction and efficiency increase. Fourth, strengthen party building, realize the integration and mutual promotion between party building and company development, and strengthen political and ideological construction.

Finally, chairman jiang Zepei delivered an important speech. On behalf of the board of directors of the company, he extended cordial holiday greetings to all the members of the Communist Party of the company, and expressed warm wishes to the advanced collectives and advanced individuals who were commended.


Post time: Jul-04-2022