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Plastic Pipes Manufacturers PPR Pipes ASTM Customized PPR Pipe Fittings

Short Description:

Place of Origin:Tianjin, China

Brand Name: SENPU

Model Number:DN20-110MM



Technical:Moulding, Cutting

Connection:Electrofusion/Butt fusion

Application:Water,Gas,Gold Mining

Certificate: CE/ISO9001/WRAS/IAPMO R&T/SGS

Product Detail

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Basic Information

normal green,white or customize
PN12.5 16 20 25
DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
high temprature resistant


With 20 years production experience .SENPU piping system is widely favored at home and abroad by its’ high quality and good price.
1. Full size:16-160mm
2. Accept customization: line, typing, color, packaging, length
3. Different water pressure: PN12.5 PN16 PN20 PN25
4. Best materials: 100% brand new Korea Hyosung Material/Borealis PPR
5.50 years guarantee
6. water temperature 70℃.
7.Non-toxic, harmless, no rust, no corrosion
8. Large production capacity: 10 production lines, each can produce 18,000 meters pipes/day.

Product Specification

PPR Pipe and fittings Specification

PPR Pipe and Fitting Installation

ppr pipe fitting 5

Pipes should be cut with special cutting shears or ordinary hand saws. Make sure the incision is flat when cutting the pipe.

The section should be perpendicular to the pipe axis during shearing.

2. Scrape the inclined surface of the end of  Pipe and Fitting with a knife, and clean the welded part with alcohol before fusion welding, and then dry it with a clean cloth or paper. And in the

The length to be welded is carved on the pipe.

3. Turn on the special welding machine and heat it to 260C. When the control indicator light turns green, start welding.

4. Put the pipes and fittings to be connected into the welding machine head, and heat the outer surface of the pipes and the inner surface of the fittings interface. Then pull out the nose at the same time

And quickly insert the heated end of the pipe into the heated fitting interface. Do not rotate the tube during insertion. After insertion, the PPR Pipe should be left to cool for several minutes. Heating time, cooling time and welding depth shall be implemented according to the following table:

Note: If the ambient temperature is less than 5℃, the heating time should be extended by 50%.

5. After the fusion welding machine is used, it is necessary to pump the head of the machine for use.

6. Install the welded pipe in place

Note: water pipe welding is not as easy as I imagined, welding must be more beautiful or it is easy to leak, in winter

Pipes will also burst, so workers need to be careful when welding and install in accordance with the installation requirements of PPR pipe and fitting by sichuan senpu pipe co.,ltd.


Other Major Products

ppr pipe fitting

Sichuan Senpu pipe co., LTD.  main products are:  PE pipes for gas, PE pipe fittings (DN16 – DN630), PE pipes for water supply, pipe fittings (DN 16- DN 48), PP-R pipes for hot and cold water use ,pipe fittings (DN16 – DN200), PE double-wall corrugated pipe (ID200 – ID500), underground drainage with steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe (ID300 – ID1800), SRTP pipe , stainless steel pipe,  Heat resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) pipes for hot and cold water, pipe fittings (DN 12 – DN 160), etc.,.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email: info@senpu.com or Connect sales manager Helen shen : 0086 18990238062 (whatsapp&Phone) or you can  visit our website:www.asiasenpu.com

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