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PN2.5 MPa Steel Mesh Skeleton Plastic Polyethylene Composite Pipe SRTP Pipe

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1. SRTP Pipe has more strength, rigidity and impact resistance than ordinary plastic pipes.
2.Double-sided anti-corrosion& high temperature&corrosion resistance.
3.  SRTP Pipe structure is excellent, the reinforcing skeleton of the pipe and the inner and outer plastics are mutually contained as one whole, and there is no worry about the peeling of the inner and outer plastics and the reinforcing body.
4. The composite of steel and plastic materials is uniform and reliable, which overcomes the rapid cracking phenomenon of PE pipes..
5.  SRTP Pipe  inner wall is smooth, no scaling, small flow resistance, and the pipe head loss is 30% lower than that of the steel pipe.
6. Pipes with different pressure levels can be produced by adjusting the wire diameter and the number of wires.
7. Light weight, easy to install, the pipe connection uses electric hot-melt joints, strong axial tensile resistance, mature and reliable connection technology.

8.The service life can reach 50 years. The overall cost performance is excellent, and it is hygienic and non-toxic. It is an ideal substitute for steel pipe,  pure plastic pipe.


Product Structure:

SRTP pipe is divided into three layers, i.e. core tube, wire layer and outer PE layer.  The core pipe and steel wire winding layer is used to withstand the internal pressure of the pipe, and the PE layer is mainly used for welding connection.  The core tube and outer PE layer are hot-melt extruded with PE80/PE100 grade raw material, and the wire winding layer is composed of HDPE modified material and left and right and right winding steel wire. The modified HDPE and HDPE can be fused together under heating condition.  At the same time, its polar bond with steel has a strong bonding property (200N/25mm, ASTMD903). 

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