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SENPU Electro Fusion Coupler PE-RT Pipe Fittings Elbow Factory

Short Description:

Product Warranty: 3 years

Place of Origin: Tianjin, Deyang.

Connection: Electrofusion Welding


Application:Water,Gas,Gold Mining

Certificate: CE/ISO9001/WRAS/IAPMO R&T/SGS

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PERT Electrofusion Fittings
Customized Support
Electrofusion Welding

Basic Information

Sichuan SENPU Pipe Co.,Ltd. can produce various specifications and styles of PE melting and hot melt pipe caps. The conventional type of plastic pipe cap is the pipe cap with inner plug and outer cover, which is mainly used to plug the inner hole and cover the outer wall. The material is conventional material and the color is blue.

About Electrofusion Pipe Fitting:

The connecting part of the pipe or pipe fitting is inserted into the special electric melting pipe fitting embedded with resistance wire, and heated by electricity to melt the connecting part and connect it into an integrated connection mode.

Connection Methods:

  • Welding range: PE80/PE100 pipe fittings/pipes
  • Welding temperature: -5℃~40℃

Welding  Operational Approach

1. Measure and mark the depth or welding area (such as saddle-shaped pipe fittings) of the pipe superscript with a marker. Note that the end face of the pipe is cut off perpendicular to the axis.

2. The oxide layer in the welding area must be completely removed before welding.

3. The welding surface of pipes and fittings must be absolutely clean and dry without oil pollution.

4. Insert the welded end of the pipe into the interface to the marked depth on the limiting shoulder or main material of the pipe fitting, and the pipe fitting must be installed together with the pipe under stress-free conditions

5. Connect the welding plug to the pipe fitting jack, and input the calibrated welding time and cooling time on the pipe fitting accurately. Or directly scan the bar code input welding parameters.

6, After the preparation is ready, press the confirm button, the welding will display the welding parameters again, after complete confirmation, press the start button to start the welding, the welding will automatically alarm, the end of the welding procedure.

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