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SENPU PE Pipe For Natural Gas Supply

Short Description:

SENPU brand polyethylene (PE) pipe for the supply of gaseous fuels is made of high quality PE80 or PE100 raw material, which meets or exceeds the standard requirements of GB15558.1-2003, and has excellent physical and mechanical properties. The pipe appearance is black with 4 longitudinal yellow strips.

Reference standard: GB 15558.1

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Performance and characteristics

1. The service life is more than 50 years.

2. Excellent impact resistance and low temperature resistance, low temperature embrittlement temperature can be as low as -70℃.

3. Excellent chemical stability, resistance to various acid, alkali, salt corrosion.

4. High toughness, distortion resistance, earthquake resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking, etc.

5. Light weight and easy handing.

6. Convenient construction, simple welding technology, lower project comprehensive cost.

Using hot melt connection, it has reliable performance.



Technical support


Commitment on after-sales service

1.Our company will complete the delivery plan on time in accordance with the contract requirements.

2.Our company responds to customer complaints within 2 hours. If there is a quality problem, it will be handled on site within 24 hours.

3.Our company provides customers with technical information necessary for operation and installation and maintenance, and sends professional and technical personnel free of charge to provide technical services and guide installation and commissioning according to customer requirements.

4.Our company will visit and investigate customer units regularly and irregularly to understand the operation of the pipeline, give reasonable suggestions in time, and do a good job in after-sales service.

5.Our company after-sales service phone (0838)2801958.

6.Our company's after-sales service supervision telephone (0838)2801958.

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