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Telecommunication Sub Pipe PE Pipe

Short Description:

PE communication sub-pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), light in weight, smooth inside and outside walls, easy to be inserted into the pipe cable, flexible, winding, good tensile strength, these characteristics determine PE sub-pipe in optical cable, optical fiber and other sheath sleeve has a good application.

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Reference standard: YD/T 841.2-2016.

Application: Suitable for separating and protecting wires, cables and optical fibers with different functions and USES, easy to classify.

Product Features:

■ Excellent physical performance, not only has good rigidity, strength, but also has a good flexibility.

■ Corrosion resistant, long service life, PE pipe can withstand a variety of chemical media, not affected by soil corrosion.

■ Good toughness and deflection, PE pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break is more than 500%, the foundation uneven ground settlement and dislocation adaptability is very strong, good seismic resistance, small diameter pipe can be bent at will.

■ Smooth pipe wall, low friction coefficient, easy cable penetration, high efficiency during construction.

■ Good electrical insulation performance, long service life (buried pipe life of more than 50 years), durable, safe and reliable line operation.

■ Light weight, easy to repair, install and maintain, easy to transport and operate.

■ Excellent low temperature impact resistance, PE low temperature embrittlement temperature is very low, can be safely used within the temperature range of -20 ~ 40.

■ Good wear resistance, PE pipe wear resistance is 4 times that of metal pipe.


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Our Factory

SENPU has strong provincial R&D center and testing center. With advanced equipment, high-quality raw materials, exquisite craftsmanship, innovative R&D capabilities and refined modern management mode, SENPU has ensured outstanding quality and excellent service to meet customers’ requirement.

Engineering Projects

SENPU provides customers with design consulting, planning, sales, installation & construction, technician training, technical support, and a pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Our products have been exported to Mongolia, Myanmar, Angola, Congo, Sri Lanka, Australia and the rest of the world.



Q: What the Raw material ?
A: We only use 100% first raw material.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: As customer's request.

Q: why choose us?
A: We are a professional pipe fitting factory, we have competitive price and faster delivery , and we also have the best quality.

Q: How to buy the product?
A: Contact with us by email or by Trade Manager, and inform us all information which you want, or tell us which kind of products you want? will contact you immediately, or we could recommend style to you.

Q:Can you put your Design and logo on product?
A:Yes, we have professional design service team, we can make any sample as your design, and also can put your logo on products.

Q:Still have a lot of questions?
A:Please feel free to contact with me , welcome.

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